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Can Recycling in Sacramento

Metal prices are set by the demand from the global economy creating a constantly changing pricing structure. To best serve our customers interested in Sacramento recycling, please call 916-383-5511 for current pricing to avoid any misunderstanding on the value of your material. We appreciate that our purchase price can affect the bid for your clean up job or what you may pay for scrap metal. Please contact us with pricing questions about metal recycling in Sacramento

Here is a list of items we pay cash for:
  • Aluminum can
  • Bottles and plastic water bottles
  • Tin Scrap-appliances
  • Chain link fence
  • Pot metal
  • Metal Toys 
  • Tin/Iron Mix-tin scrap with iron such as car axles 
  • Mixed Iron Unprepared
  • Heavy iron in 3 ft or larger sections 
  • Iron Prepared-heavy iron in smaller than 3 ft sections 
  • Car Batteries-NO alkaline batteries
  • Aluminum-rims
  • Window frames
  • Bicycle frames 
  • Stainless steel-bbq's,
  • Refrigerators 
  • Brass-valves
  • Housewares
  • Door knobs
  • Copper-radiators
  • Wire, tubing, etc... 
  • Lead-From weight sets, diving equipment and anything else 
  • Cardboard - Baled and unbaled 
  • E- Waste - Computer parts; monitors, towers, disk drives etc. 
  • Other accepted materials include; TV's, VCR's we are a free E-Waste drop off facility

In compliance with CA state law SB691, all non-ferrous materials require:
(1) Valid CA driver's license, valid CA ID card issued by DMV, or valid federal government issued IDcard containing a photograph & address. 
(2) A photograph of the seller with his/her materials and a thumb print must be obtained. 
(3) Seller must sign a statement of ownership.
(4) Payment is by cash after 3 days. For frequent customers (5 or more transactions on 5 or more different days per month), payment is by cash at the time of sales.
(5) Photos & records of sales will be submitted to law enforcement agency for periodic review

For more information about can recycling in Sacramento, call us today.
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